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What to do this Thursday: ArtScience Late x Ethos Books

ArtScience Museum has been holding a series of late night programs for some time, exciting collaborations that allow visitors a fresh on take on the multi-faceted aspects of art.

This Thursday, they’ve teamed up with  the amazing folks at Ethos Books to present a literary journey inspired by anti-realist fiction collected in the anthology “this is how you walk on the moon”.

The line-up includes an audio installation of  “Earthrise”, as well as presentations based on Dylan Randall Wong’s “This Storm Is You”, and Ong Sher Li’s “don’t die before i do”. If this sounds like a fun way to spend an evening – remember to head down to ArtScience Museum this Thursday!

(Details below taken from their Facebook Event Page)

ArtScience Late x Ethos Books: this is how you walk on the moon
Thu, 20 April | 7pm – 10pm
ArtScience Galleries, Level 4

Ethos Books invites you to step into a night of anti-realist fiction and the mysteries of our universe, presented through experimental theatre pieces and intriguing encounters. By adapting from fiction, interplaying literary devices with theatre, the sonic and experiential arts, this ArtScience Late programme thrives on dreams and imagination, entering new frontiers.

< This Storm Is You >
Performed by theatre practitioners Epiphany and accompanied by live music from students of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music – NUS.

We invite you to step into the story of Jasper, whose fate has already been decided by an omniscient narrator. Guided by a voice that will narrate and prompt, you are a character participating in the story of Jasper, where every choice you make is a choice of consequence for Jasper. Based on Dylan Randall Wong’s This Storm Is You.

< Earthrise >
Fast-forward to a future where one can embark on a grand tour of the world before exiting into space in this experience of a lifetime. Listen to the recordings of an elderly woman who has spent her entire life savings on this one-way trip to the moon, and immerse yourself in this alternate reality where euthanasia comes in the form of a luxurious slow cruise into space. Quitting life has never been so atmospheric. Based on Li Huijia’s Earthrise, first presented at #BuySingLit by Epigram Books, supported by the National Arts Council. Interlude music by Mervin Wong of Yong Siew Toh Music Conservatory – NUS.

< don’t die before I do >
You are a private detective uncovering the truth behind the Hallerian Foundation after cases of missing employees start surfacing. Pore through the transcripts of internal radio broadcasts, excerpts from the journals of a particular subject C-65, and redacted medical reports of the Foundation. Would you dare to break the silence? Based on Ong Sher Li’s don’t die before i do.

This ArtScience Late programme is held as part of the Art and Science of Space season, based on stories from this is how you walk on the moon: an anthology of anti-realist fiction published by Ethos Books.

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