sunday tea

it’s 清明节 today, a day when Chinese sweep the tombs of their ancestors and pay respects to the people who passed away. In Singapore it’s more about columbarium visiting than tomb sweeping, given our land scarcity issues. We woke up early morning, visited dear grandma at her resting spot with the extended family, then enjoyed the rest of the rainy morning by ourselves with breakfast outside. (a treat)

It’s still drizzling now, the air is fresh and crisp, the muggy heat of yesterday washed away by the rain. a lovely day really, one best paired with a cuppa tea and a good book, a little bit of learning, a little bit of family bonding. Strange how i associate tea with relaxation, laid-back and carefree, while coffee (love it as i do), makes me think of productivity, work, purposeful learning.

anyway, i think i shall go brew a pot of tea right now.

image via dragonflysky

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