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I just returned from a family trip to visit my grandfather’s birthplace in Putien, China. It was a super rushed trip, (what I’d call a “touch-the-wall-and-go” type of excursion) and we only spent a mere day in his village. But it was still a fun, and eye-opening, and strangely fulfilling trip. More on that later.

Right now – a couple of pictures of the house my ah gong was born in.

More than a hundred years old. No one lives here, but weddings are still held in the courtyard.


This building used to house 18 families, one of which was my Ah Gong's.

The funny thing is – Putien is actually pretty developed, with giant buildings, neon lit billboards and a spanking new train station to boot. But turn a corner in the middle of the road, and you enter a village with 100 year old buildings. It’s pretty exciting, if you think about it.


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