The ellipses trot out across the screen, a visual hang like our conversation spread across two continents separated by oceans and time differences and god knows how many air miles. Technology closes the gap they say now we can talk anytime anywhere as long as there’s wifi. But you’re in backcountry now traipsing over rocky… Read More Silence



Fireworks were never the same after that night. I remember all of us, crowded on the apartment’s rooftop, just a few streets across Kallang Stadium. It was National Day, the celebration had reached its climax, soon would come fireworks. We rushed up the roof, the patter of our feet interrupting the strains of national day… Read More Fireworks



The chords came first, easy and melodic, a deceptively simple progression. The eighteen-year-old me looked up from my book. I stretched out my crossed legs on your bed, turning to smile at you as you grinned back at me, guitar in hand, from your perch on the floor. “If a picture paints a thousand words,… Read More If


4 Locally Published Books for the People in your Life

I know, I know, I’ve been very bad this year – blogwise, that is. With my miserable amount of posts, there’s probably no way I can salvage my standing in Santa’s books. Still – one can try! So here’s my attempt to make myself feel a little better about my year of blog-inaction. A List!… Read More 4 Locally Published Books for the People in your Life