Nanowrimo 2010

I’ve known about Nanowrimo since 2005, and have made a couple of half-hearted attempts in to complete a novel in the novembers since that year. None of it amounted to even a quarter of the 50,000 words target. This year I told myself that I would do better – and in an effort to make myself commit to the task, I went for the Nanowrimo launch at the National Library last night.

The crowd there was really young – I felt ancient, even if I’m still short of 30. This nice young girl sitting beside me was there with her father! And her friends, she told me, had completed the 50K target last year! I’m amazed by the number of aspiring young writers we have in our midst. And a little embarrassed. What have I been doing all these years!

But something good did come out of being among the eldest in the group – I found 2 other writers my age and we bonded immediately, circumstances being what they were.

So now I actually have a (very small) writing group (duo).

November begins tomorrow. I’m excited!

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