mori girl? classic-eccelctic? or somewhere in between?

there are times when i consciously try to peg myself into a hole, in a bid to understand myself better.

who am i? what is it i’m searching for in life?

am i a mori girl, craving escape, seeking substance? a traditionalist in search of a unique angle? a filial daughter? a reader hoping to share her tale? an introvert hoping to externalise her thoughts? the answer to all the above? a little, a little, maybe, perhaps.

i never have come up with a definite way to classify myself yet. this directionless endeavor both drains and scares me.

but then again, that’s life isn’t it? i envy those who know so clearly what they want, and then go all out in search of it.

and for the rest of us, the drifters, the jack-of-all-trades (and master of none), the ones who love too many things and cannot prioritise… i guess we just have to believe that the journey is more important than the destination.

<images from syrup, via mori girl>

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