The chords came first, easy and melodic, a deceptively simple progression. The eighteen-year-old me looked up from my book. I stretched out my crossed legs on your bed, turning to smile at you as you grinned back at me, guitar in hand, from your perch on the floor. “If a picture paints a thousand words,… Read More If

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The Art of Yearning in YA Fiction

I recently completed Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices Trilogy (TID), and enjoyed it immensely. Oh yes, it is YA, and comes packaged with a world full of nephilim, demons, werewolves, vampires, plus a healthy dose of steampunk gadgets and clockwork adversaries. It was the funnest romp. Action-packed plot aside, huge part of her story’s appeal was due to… Read More The Art of Yearning in YA Fiction



The day was uncommonly warm. Slowly, silently, the vines suckled at the sunlight, soaking in the humidity. Inch by inch, green claws grasped new terrain. A day. One week. Two. The garden was theirs. Nothing else left unconquered. Still, leafed claws stretched. Soon – the gate. Then. The outside world.


Lift Lobby

This piece won a runner-up position in the Two Voices Competition, organised by Writing the City. It’s a great place to meet fellow writers, share your work and get critique. Also – they hold monthly themed competitions – so you get an incentive to start writing, and a launchpad for your story ideas. A useful… Read More Lift Lobby