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I just returned from a family trip to visit my grandfather’s birthplace in Putien, China. It was a super rushed trip, (what I’d call a “touch-the-wall-and-go” type of excursion) and we only spent a mere day in his village. But it was still a fun, and eye-opening, and strangely fulfilling trip. More on that later.… Read More Roots

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when the journey matters more than the destination

“Let’s take a train from Tanjong Pagar Railway Station before it closes in July!” Grown adults we were – but only one of us had ever been on a Singapore-Malaysia rail journey. So a date was set. 4 June, 2011. There were 6 takers. — The train was delayed. When we first got onto our… Read More when the journey matters more than the destination

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Passage to India

This gorgeously shot Anthropologie video makes me miss India. Granted, I’ve only just come back from that trip, but it was a veritable learning experience, full of fresh images, vibrant colors, exotic food, incredible architecture, mostly friendly folk… but also of dust, grime, heat and far too much social disparity. The abject poverty I passed… Read More Passage to India