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i’ve always loved sci-fi in a neo-victorian setting, but never quite knew the term for this genre. only today did i find out the correct classification for this: Steampunk. (I’ve come across this term in the past, but somehow always related it back to a japanese animation reference) As explained by Flavorwire “steampunk as it… Read More steampunk


mori girl? classic-eccelctic? or somewhere in between?

there are times when i consciously try to peg myself into a hole, in a bid to understand myself better. who am i? what is it i’m searching for in life? am i a mori girl, craving escape, seeking substance? a traditionalist in search of a unique angle? a filial daughter? a reader hoping to… Read More mori girl? classic-eccelctic? or somewhere in between?



This is another attempt at a new beginning. 2010: more seeing, more reading, more writing. more feeling. more making. more imagining. more inspiration. more doing. we’ll see what i can come up with. picture via design is mine via sally scott collections