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What to do this Thursday: ArtScience Late x Ethos Books

ArtScience Museum has been holding a series of late night programs for some time, exciting collaborations that allow visitors a fresh on take on the multi-faceted aspects of art. This Thursday, they’ve teamed up with  the amazing folks at Ethos Books to present a literary journey inspired by anti-realist fiction collected in the anthology “this is… Read More What to do this Thursday: ArtScience Late x Ethos Books


this is how you walk on the moon: an anthology of anti-realist fiction

There’s a new anthology by Ethos Books, and my story “earthrise” is part of it. If you’re into speculative fiction; or want something that deviates from the usual vein of #singlit, pick this one up. There are 25 stories inside from established and new writers, so you’ll definitely find something that speaks to you.



How we used to love those evening outings, traipsing through back alleys to reach the open fields two streets away. Our troupe, monkey-limbed and messy-haired, armed with badminton rackets, and enough shuttlecocks, to lose them all in that hour of play before dusk fell and dinner began. Sometimes we traded our rackets for rougher games… Read More Tessensohn